where to mount a tax disc holder ?

hi there i've been riding my 04 WR450F for about a week now my tax was in the house well this dick of a copper stoped me 2day and said it is an offence for ot displaying my tax so i bought a disc holder but where can i mount it ? where have u mounted urs ?

What's one of them?

I've never bothered on my Gixxer let alone the WR. All the filth seem to wanna know is whether it's taxed rather than being able to see it. All they have to do is radio in and their computer will tell them on the spot whether you're covered or not.

He was just being a twat, probably another smalll nobbed biker hater> stick it in ya bag.

I've not been done for it yet, neither have any of my mates. It's just one less thing a thieving little Chav can nick off it!


cheers for the reply i might just do that

Hi, i fixed mine to one of the bolts that holds the headlight unit on.

Hi, i fixed mine to one of the bolts that holds the headlight unit on.

^^^^Same as thats what i did with mine to :D

Some people laminate a copy of it and wrap it around the fork leg at the top and keep the original in wallet/whatever to show if tugged.

Mine is in a holder and sandwiched between the righthand side panel and the frame. Just make sure its positioned in such a way that the swingarm won't hit it when landing jumps and stuff. :D

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