dont take your bike to the dealer for mods, its easy

I finished all my mods yesterday and rode it today and wow. The dealer wanted 400 for installing the pipe, jets, grey wire, throttle stop. I did everything in 1 hour.

This bike sucks stock, today alomst scared the hell out of me.

Ive only had it a week, this bike is awesome

I'd be looking for a new dealer.

If he's going to screw you on such a little job, just imagine what he will do on a big job.

dont take your bike to the dealer for mods, its easy
Yeah, I found that out right after I took mine in to have the 'free mods' done for $175.00. I wish I would have known about TT then. Good for you though. :D

My dealer did all the free mods for FREE as part of the setup. He charged me $90. for the AIS removal kit, jet kit and labor for that. I thought that was pretty good.

I was gonna ask this in a thread. If you don't know how to do your own jets, etc will the dealer do it for you? Since there is no warranty even on new bikes I can't see why the wouldn't. But I guess they charge a boatload.

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