Wheel still spinning in neutral

First just wanted to thank everyone for all the support on my brake problem. Anyways...was wondering if the fact that my wheel still spins while in neutral is a sign of a major problem down the road and if anyone else has had this problem and or knows why it happens.

You mean with the bike on the stand? No, it's normal. You should be able to stop it with the brake and hold it by hand. Be careful trying that.

normal, all our bikes do that and I have see other bikes do it up on their stands at the track. dunno why tho...

Its like dogs running sideways on the floor in their sleep. It just thinks its racing but isn't. :D (Dog thinks its chasing something.) OK,:D

dunno why tho...
It's a simple matter of the drag on the free transmission gears being greater than that on the countershaft and rear wheel. Some bikes it is, some it ain't.

haha thank god...thats a relief because my brothers yz426 doesnt spin while on a stand and its in a little bit better shape than mine (same year tho) :D thanks guys

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