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Radio communications while riding

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My son and I ride up in the Rockies and sometimes it would be nice to be able to tell him to stop, turn left, etc., without having to overtake him to do hand signals.

I have seen that there are some pretty pricy setups for road bikes ($250 a pop), but I 'd really like to see if there is something around $100 a piece or so. I was considering buying a couple of Motorola handheld walkie talkies and doing a science experiment to rig up a hands free setup, but before I start chopping these up I was wondering if anyone else has tried such a thing, and how well they work (or don't).



Bill in Colo: '01 WR426F, '98 KLX300R, '01 TTR125L, '78 DR370, '74 DT360A. (My wife is a saint!)

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I use the motorola FRS radios when riding around. (& street riding & sking) for about $20.00US they have an optional earpiece and push to talk mic.

they work 'good enough' for me. I'm using them tomorrow for sking. It's great to be able to communiate with someone a couple of km's away from you.

Since I can't ride in the mountains, here's where I'm sking.. http://www.skilouise.com/

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