more questions about my new 450

First of all, thanks for the help in my other posts. Remember I have a 2003 yamaha yz450f. The bike came with pro taper 11/8" bars, Dr. D exhaust, Renthal sprockets and chain, Maxxis IT rear tire, & ASV levers. What company makes the coolest graphics kit for this particular bike? The guy that owned it before me put in Yamalube 4R 10w-50 semi-synthetic motor oil but I was going to put in the usual oil I chose for my yz250f which is Yamalube 20w-40. Which oil would make my bike run the best and last the longest? Does anyone use the NGK CR8EIX iridium spark plugs in your 450 thumper? How does it run these bikes? I tried one in my 250f and it smoothed out the power and I didn't like it. I like the instantaneous hit. I finished adjusting my valves today by swapping a shim from an exhaust valve and the middle intake valve like the guy at the dealer service department suggested in trying and it worked! Now my valves are in spec., both the exhaust and intake are towards the higher value side such as intake:.15 & exhaust:.25. I should be ok for awhile huh? I plan to purchase a Twin Air airfilter soon so I was wondering between that and the Dr. D exhaust should I consider rejetting the carb. How do you know when you need to rejet? Bogs? Hesitations? Stalls? Are those reasons to rejet? What weight of a person is the stock suspension on this bike set up for? I have plenty more questions but I'll wait...:D

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