wr426 5th gear spiking update, still need help


I have a 2001 wr426 that spikes and what I mean by spiking is that as soon as I shift into 5th gear and 5th gear only the bike jerks me back and forth. I have had the bike in for a tune up at a local race shop (Langston's Racing in S.Cal) they checked the cams, jetting, timing, new spark plug but it didn't help. When I went to pick up the bike I took it for a test drive before I left to see if they fixed it. They didn't. They put it back in the DINO room and showed me that the jetting was perfect but the bike still jerked in 5th gear and the gauge that was connected to the ignition coil was spiking from 6k to 10k rpms. The mechanic kept it for a couple more days and said that it must be electrical because everything he check was fine. So I started changing parts, I first change out the TSP, but that wasn't it . Then I change the ignition coil, no that's not it either. Next I change the CDI, strike 3. I took all these parts off of my brothers 2001 wr426 that runs just fine. I talked to a couple of friends and they think it's the carburetor. Should I take the carb. of my brothers?????? If that one works then what should I do to my carb. I haven't taken this new of a carb. apart. By the looks of the diagram in my manual theirs allot of parts to this carb. I wouldn't know what to look for.

The bike runs just fine in 1st through 4th.

Can anyone give me some assistance on this. I would really appreciate it.


Well today the bike was torn down and split the case (by a buddy that's done a couple of bikes and a few quads before). 5 hours later and their was nothing broke. The gears look brand new and the shift folks have very minor wearing on them. Now what, did we miss something, should I be looking for something else??????????????? Once again I don't know wich way to go, this bike is frustrating me :D:D:D eek:


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