What's in your tool pack?

- tire irons w/ 24mm boxed end

- tire patches

- tire inflator

- socket wrench and sockets (8, 10, 12, 14, 17)

- box wrenches

- pliers

- allen wrench

- zip ties

- safety wire

- quick epoxy

- multi tool

- buddy tow straps

- 21" tube on the hairy runs

all this fits in my tool pack and on the bike. anything else for a quick fix up?

Air compressor. Hammer. Tire Irons. Spare sparkplugs. Spoke wrench. Tire patch kit.

Who needs tools when ya got a tow rope?

Did you forget the screwdrivers? I also carry some minor first aid stuff, just incase. But since we ride together a lot and you got all that stuff I usually just have my basics and some water onboard.

How's the shoulder? :D

*ps* I always carry a pair of side cutters or dikes as well. And want to get a pair of extra levers for them pesky rocks on the uber steep trails.



Lets see,

8,10,14,19,27mm wrenches



spare clutch handle

zip ties

8,10,19mm sockets w/ratchet

hand air pump

duct tape

phillips and flat screw drivers

hose coupler for oil cooler linesw/clamps

chain master link

eletrical tape

2 tire irons

valve stem tool

spare nuts and bolts

18" and 21" tubes

2 allen wrenches (forgot the size)

pocket knife

spare sparkplug

spark plug tool

spark plug gap gauge

"and a partrage in a pear tree"

I'm sure I forgot something.

The thing is I have only used the tire irons and tubes on my bike. The rest of the tools I have only used on other peoples bikes. After the last dual sport ride I will be adding fuses to the pack. A converted WR used two of mine out of my fuse block just to get him back to camp. I only carry the tool bag on long rides. Short rides I just carry a knife and pliers and a cell phone.


ummm...im packin a bologna sandwitch and some extra mustard.

I always put a bear in my pack...


Helps me ride faster than any aftermarket hop up! :D

Tools ? Tools ? .... we ride Hondas ... we don't need no steenking Tools !!!


besides, the way I ride, ... my First-Aid and medical supplies take up all the room ... :D

Hey fuct and truck6driver,

You guys pretty much got what I carry. I also carry a small tube of liquid soap to help re-mount the tire. I also carry an extra tail light bulb.

i need to assembel a tool kit.......ill wait till i go out on a real big trail tho. i just got a couple of wrenches and plyers right now.

...A bunch of the stuff mentioned above, and baby wipes. Baby wipes are good for cleaning hands, and they're invaluable if you end up taking a dump in the middle of no where....

I have a tool kit from www.trailtoolz.com, and also bring along some of the following (depending on if I am going out for 1 hour or 1 week):

1. Spark plug wrench that fits your bike.

2. Spare Spark Plug for the bike you are riding.

3. Chain Repair Kit (Spare master link, Spare Clip, a few spare links, Chain Breaker).

Matches or a lighter.

4. Large Zip Ties.

5. Duct Tape (You can wrap a foot of it around a wrench to save space).

6. Hi temp epoxy putty (like JB weld but, dries quick and doesn't run).

7. About 6 feet of aluminum wire equivalent (something that will bend and not break).

8. Electrical Wire (for electrical repairs or can be used to clean out a clogged jet).

9. Leatherman multi- tool or equivalent.

10. Tire repair kit (Patches, Glue, small tire Irons, small pump or CO2 filler, small bottle of dish soap (to lube the bead and to clean up afterward).

11. Axle wrench (front & rear combo).

12. Light duty front innertubes (light duty to limit weight

and space).

13. Homemade radiator bypass kit (so you can bypass one of the two if you put a hole in it).

14. Tow Strap.

15. e clip for the carb needle - awful easy to lose this baby, taped to the spare plug holder.

16. Spare thingy that inside the valve on a tire tube - same idea, wrapped in tape.

17. About 3 feet of spare fuel line (can be used for repairs or to siphon gas in a pinch).

18. Small flashlight.

19. Washcloth or shop rag.

20. Plastic Gloves.

21. Emergency contact numbers/ Name, address, D.O.B., etc.

22. 800mg Ibuprofen.

23. Also suggest you paint the tools bright yellow – so you can find them in the dirt.

Common guys you forgot toilet papper them pine needles work but nothing like good old charmin nice and soft. :D

Wow Scott, you got your shit together. What do you pack all of that stuff in, a suit case...j/k :D What about the cell phone :D

Ya Scott, you got it covered. One more tidbit of info which might come in handy has to do with the fuel hose. I had a piece which I kept in the fender pack and eventually had to use. It took a bit of cutting and futzing around to get it to work. The problem was that it always wanted to kink. This is obviously the reason why Honda pre-forms the stock one. I ended up purchasing a stock one so I don't have that problem again.

I understand the problem abou the fuel hose. The problem is I ride both a KTM (200 exc)and a Honda (xr650r) (not at the same time of course) and want as many of my "tools" to work with both. Right now I keep the axle wrenches and sparkplug wrenches in the fender bag and move the rest of the tools between bikes (I even use the same brand of chain on both bikes so the masterlink will work on both). Also, it seems that about 90% of the time, I am using the things in my tool kit to fix a riding buddys bike - and who knows what they will be riding!

Ok here's a case for you. Riding a long way out in the woods, miles from where you started, and a minor crash leaves your water pump busted. What can be done with this scenario??

What do you mean busted? Is the cover cracked? Are the hoses leaking?

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