New XR650R Owner

Hey guys I just purchased a 2001 XR650R Plated Bike to make into a Motard/ MX bike. Is there anything I should know about the bike? Problems etc?

I have a 2005 Husky I am racing and it requires Full Synthetic Oil, how about the XR? What type of maintenance schedule does the bike require? Where is a good place to buy parts?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


See for tons of info on the xr650r. As far as oil goes, use whatever JASO MA rated oil you want and it does not have to be synthetic. There are also plenty of people using HDEO's (Heavu Duty Engine Oils) in their bikes such as Shell Rotella T-Syn, Mobil 15W50 Gold Cap, etc. Maintenance itself is very simple (air filter, oil filter, oil, etc) and the schedule will vary depending on the application. Valves are easy to check and set if necessary and are done via screw / locknut under the valve cap as opposed to using bucket / shim technology and there's no need to remove the cam, etc. is one of the least expensive places to buy parts from (~30% off list price).

Most important thing to know is your now an official BRP owner.





have fun, go safe

Most important thing to know is your now an official BRP owner.





have fun, go safe


PS qad

Thanks for the tips, I will def. check those sites out. :D

Congrats, you will love the R, it's a little like your dog, even when the wife/girlfriend are mad at ya, at least you will have your R.

IMHO, synthetic is worth the difference, street SM can put some extended stress on the motor, synthetic is just added would do it for your dog.


Keep an eye on the kick starter bolt and the foot peg bolts from time to time. They can come loose from the vibration. Also, be gentle with the oil filter cover bolts, because they can strip. Other than that, the bike appears bulletproof. I have over 9000 miles on mine (80%dirt/20%street) and haven't had a problem. I agree with qadsan, is a good source. I have bought several items from them.

Engine is bulletproof, oil is your preference, I run 20w-50w non-synthetic. Doesn't seem to matter, it runs good any way you do it. Valve adjustment like he said, simple matter.

My 650R is a 2000 model, owned and ridden off-road several years now. Only problem was loose kickstart bolt and right foot peg bolt. I never had the clutch bushing problem or countershaft oil seal problem. Subframe nut will come loose too, loctite it.

You can ignore the normal mechanical engine noises.

The bike uncorked and jetted is a very powerful machine for the street, so motard would be great. Have fun!


Sweet, thanks for the feedback it seems as though the kick starter and peg bolts seem to be the only issue and I def. deal with that one :D

welcome to the brp gang

Apart from all of the above I `ve now got 10000km of hard (read HARD supermoto type)road miles and off road miles with 1 tappet check(revealing them bang on) and oil and filter changes every 1000kms....thats it....nothing more nothing less!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.........point and shoot everytime....

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