Missing Shift Lever?

Ok folks I just got done doing 23 hrs of assembly and got the XR650L motard project done and running. But I have a small problem I misplaced the shift lever. I am wondering if one for a cr will work. If not I have to wait a few days to get it.

Please advise me guys and gals.

Will one from another bike work or will I have to wait?

Thanks Billy

Try it, You'll never know untill you try it..... :D

Dude, Your avatar, Thats like way wrong..thats gotta hurt.. :D

What do you mean that turbo system took me a month the devise and it goes like hell. Just a little hard to see with your face in the bean bucket for fuel.


Thanks fo the reply I went and looked at one for a cr and it is way to curvy to make work.

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