Crankcase cover gasket exposed, Hick Please Help!

I can see about 3/16" of my right crankcase cover gasket sticking out of the area below the kickstarter. It's exposed outside of the area where there is a hole that the torsion spring for the kickstarter is located. Please tell me that this is normal for this gasket. I see no traces of oil leakage just that damn gasket staring out at me saying, "check the balancer drive gear keyway when you replace me buddy."

By the way I noticed this while I was tearing the rear suspension down to install the grease that Yamaha skimps on. You guys are 100% correct telling us to grease before we roost.



If you've never opened the right side case and it came that way from the factory, I wouldn't worry. As I recall, mine also extended slightly beyond the case just as you described.

I just checked my '00 YZ and it has a large tab of that gasket protruding as you described. I would imagine that it's there to make placement easy when putting the cases together. It would give you a thumb and forefinger hold while fitting it together. I wish ALL gaskets would have an external tab like this.

Thank you gentlemen, now I can finish greasing the bike and stop staring at the gasket.

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