Heatlight quit working

I have an 02 wr426 and I wanted to go for a nightride this past weekend but the headlight didn't work. I worked perfectly fine the weekend before. I started up my bike and the headlight wouldn't turn on. So I took it all apart and checked the bulb and there was nothing wrong with it. I put everything back together and it worked. So I let the bike idle while I got my helmet and gloves. So then I got on my bike, put it in first gear and the light went out. I took it apart again but no luck this time. There must be a short in the wiring somewhere. Has anyone else had any trouble like this?

I had the same problem

it was a bad connector on the headlight wire wich is approx 8in from the bulb

pull apart (wires out of plastic connector) with the help of miniature screwdriver, clean & reconfigure the contacts

join and observe if successfull

If you have a brake light switch, make sure its fully connected. Mine came slightly disconnected and all light went off.

I had a YZ fender on mine and blew out 3 head light bulbs, hooked up the stock WR fender with tail light and no problems. The headlight must pull to much all by itself. I have noticed the connctor to the headlight gets loose, just tighten it up some.

WOW you have a heat light!!! cool!! that would be awesome for those cold winter mornings :D

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