Feeler for WR 450

Any of you guys wanting to sell a WR450, 03 or newer around Colorado or Cali?

How much?

i'll sell you mine $4k shipped(thats assuming shipping will be no more than $500)its like brand new,1600 well maintained mi,new tires,brakes,rotors,yz tank,seat,plastics all new,boyesen water pump,accelerrater pump cover,new clutch(because i took out the rekluse) renthal bars. its been totally yz'd except the headlight,inluding starter,battery removal,yz airbox,05 yz ti header and muffler,yz rear fender. for a weight of 244 wet w/out gas(over 20 lbs lighter than stock) just had first valve adjustment(was hardly out),devol rad gaurds with works connection braces,devol frame gaurds, new 13/51 sprockets and chain,entire bike has been greased twice,its ready to rock :D

Helluva a deal....and right after I posted this I was like NC has one in his sig.

How does the WR power compare to your YZs?

I need a lower first and higher 5th for my mountain adventures. :D

if you put the yz cams in it would be exactly the same,but the wr cams bottom end torque is amazing. i went to the 05 yz for the 4spd and the extra zip :D i ride some tight eastern woods and could never get the gearing right for the speed i ride,and i never used 5th on the wr anyhow. it is a sweet deal but part of me getting the new bike was that the old bike would sell,my wife reminds me regularly :D oh,and its got a 03 kayaba factory support shock set up for offroad with a new 5.6 spring,and i just put new seals in the front but they are stock with .46's (good for around 180lb rider) i put the factory forks on the 05,the 05 shock was actually a little better so i left it. if your forks are done up they will swap out also,so thats a plus. the bike will feel just like your yz except 5 gears .

I shipped one last month from so cal to twin falls idaho and it was $508

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