Value to WR400F transmission?

Hey guys,

I have the remains of a buddy's 2000 WR400F that caught on fire (poor guy :D ). There's not much left but the bottom end remained untouched.

Is there any value to a COMPLETE WR400F transmission (gears, shift drum, forks, etc.).

I dug up an old post about dropping a WR450 transmission into a YZ450 but am wondering if there is a similar conversion for this (perhaps for a wide ratio YZ400/426).

Thanks for the insight,

Nick Lynn

Yeah, the whole tranny will swap right into a YZ 400/426. All the parts save the main shaft and gears (main shaft has 1st gear integral to it) are identical between the two bikes (forks, drum, countershaft, shifting mechanism etc).

The WR 1st gear is pretty low, but I do know that some TTalkers in the past have put the WR 5th (I don't think the YZ 4th dogs mesh w/ WR 5th, so you may need 4th gear also, it is only about a 3% difference) into their YZs for more top speed.

WR 5th will give you about 14% more top speed. Might be a good setup for SM depending on your track...

I guarantee somebody out there needs those parts.

It won't fit in the 450s :D

Yep, I pulled up that thread too...

dropping a YZ426 5 speed into a YZ450 can and has been done, but not without machining the cases, narrowing gears, and getting all the shimming just right. I would assume that if the WR400 trans will drop in a YZ400/426 then it would require the same work as to drop the 426 trans into a 450. (Too much)

I'm not that brave, so I'll let these parts go to somebody with a drop in situation (or somebody more brave than I).

Thanks guys!

- Nick

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