Rekluse A-Clutch Questions

not really,you could set the stall as high as you could go,i'm guessin' maybe 3k rpm's at the most :D and it would disengage below that on decel,but i don't beleive thats what your looking for. the slippers act like a regular clutch and only slip on decel. get a 2 smoke,and put in a rekluse :D:D

I put one in my '04 450, and it was the best modification one could make to this bike. I had a 10 oz flywheel weight, which worked very well, but ended up taking it off, as the mass of the Rekluse served the same purpose. Removing the flywheel wt brought back the snap. It works great in fast stuff, but where it really shines is in tight, gnarly single track. Engine braking is no different than with a regular clutch, burp the throttle and you have all you want. The downsides? If you like to blip the throttle (2 stroke style), sometimes the motor will stall, due to an over rich condition caused by the blip on the accelerator pump. The problem is, you tend to ride a gear taller due to the excellent clutch action, and the RPM is too low to handle the "blip". The next thing is, when the motor stalls, you have to KS it to get it going big deal, but annoying. I would advise getting the handlebar adjustable mechanism, it makes fine tuning of the engagement point much easier, plus, if the throttle sticks (heaven forbid) you just pull in the clutch and hit the kill button instead of baling off the back and waving goodbye to Ole' Blue. Bottom line: best investment I have made so far in this scoot..(although, softening the suspension ranks a close second) Do it.........

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