problem with coil

Im having problems with getting my bike to run the spark is there but is a bit weak i have had my stator rewound and ive checked resistance and is good but the only thing im unsure on the test is the coil ive tested the coil direct across the terminals and im getting 00.4 ohms.And from the terminal to ht cap im getting 9.28 ohms

now when i disconnect the cdi unit and test the blue and yellow wire to ht cap at the spark plug im getting no resistance no reading and the same when i connect the cap to the plug and test the blue and yellow wire across the green wire at the cdi end and i get no ressistance no reading and that is with the coil all connected up

im at a loss with the thing

can anyone throw any light on the situation

cheers mick

Have you just had the stator rewound? Test the voltage coming from it, it should show up a least 40-50 V AC at a fast kickstarting speed. Your coil would be ok if your secondary resistance (sparkplug lead to cdi lead connector) is 9.28K ohms.

Other than this test the resistance between your two pickup wires it should show somewhere between 300-600 ohms, depending on the model of the bike. A quick spark strength test is to put the sparkplug in the cap and hold it about 8-9mm from an earth, the spark should comfortably jump across this distance, if it doesnt you have a problem.

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