CR brake routing

Is it possible to re-route the front brake cable using the stock line? I'd never considered it until iI put Pro Tapers on my bike with the adapter clamps that raise the bars an inch. Now my cable barely fits behind my headlight, this wold give me a little more slack in the line. Everyone talks about "installing the "fastline front brake cable" and dont really want to dop the cash for a new line. I already have to buy a longer clutch cable.

Thanks for any input

Seems to me you would have an awful lot of excess hose looping up and around. :D

That's kinda the point. Right now, I have the brake perch mounted nearly 2 inches in from the grip, and it barely has the slack to route over the rubber clamps of my headlight, moving the lever any further out on the bar wold bind the line. Re routing it CR-style would give me a bit more room to play with. The more I look at it the simpler it seems and more likely there arent any issues, but I thought I'd see if anyone else did this before I try and possibly destroy the line.

What I mean is there would probably be a LOT of excess hose, i.e., way more than you'd need, and it might be looping all over the place. You may only need another 2 or 3 inches to reach, but you'll probably end up with another 8 or 10 inches by swapping the original line from wrapping all the way around the bottom of the fork and back up to the caliper.

Don't know what you have around your neck of the woods, but here in L.A. there are a lot of 'Mr Hose' places that make hydraulic lines and such. Maybe you could take your stock line to a place like that and have them cut off the excess hose so the line fits perfectly in the CR routing and have them crimp on a new banjo fitting that would work.

The CR style line is just a straight line, doesn't the stock line have that metal end on it that comes up from beneath the forks and makes a ninety degree bend to where it mount to the caliper. I dont no how you could route it any other way with that bend.

look at the tech articles on this website. (Motoman393) It's under the misc. header. this is what I want to do. Will the stock brake line retro fit?

The stock line at least on my -03 YZ450F would never have fit for CR style routing. The bottom bends are really rigid, no way of getting them unbent.

No you cant use the stock line, not only is it too long the end that mounts to the caliper has a metal (non flexible) bend in it that prevents you from routing it any other way. Fastway sells a kit with the line and a new guide to change over to the CR routing for about 70 bucks or lightspeed performance has a kit with the line and new style fork guards (like the 05 YZ) for about a $100 bucks or $150 with carbon fiber fork guards. Or you could get a custom line made any length you want if you have glearance issues. The CR routing will give you more breaking power and easier to bleed.

Ahhh, quit messing with it. Go ride it! :D

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