04 RMZ250 oil question

I had a CRF250R which had seperate oil for the crank and tranny. I just picked up a New RMZ 04 leftover and the dealer could not find the manual. I was wondering . Is there 2 seperate oil chambers or is the oil in the sight glass the only level to be concerned about. I was planning to ride on wednesday and i would hate to blow it up. It seams like my dealer knows crap about dirt bike prep (25lbs air in my tires lol) so i wanted to make sure all the fluids were in.Thanks in advance

Yes there are two separate chambers. but you really dont need to worry about this unless you are changing the oil. The second drain is the 8mm plug under the skid plate, This will drain the oil in the top end. Follow the following and you will be fine

1. Drain your oil from both plugs under the crank case.

2. Replace both plugs (goes without saying, but I have wasted a ton of oil, by getting ahead and not putting the plugs back in, and oil on the floor. This usually is after a few Bud Lights) :D

3. Fill the oil to the glass level lines (1.5L or 1.6 US Qts), let sit for a moment and fill again if needed.

4. Start bike, but do not high rev it as oil will be caught in the top end.

5. Let stand for a few minutes and add if needed.

PS. Use Two2Cool in your favorite oil and you wont be disappointed! :D

No the oil is not seperated like the Honda's. And yes the sight glass is all you have to worry about.

just fill it up to the sight glass, you only need to use one type of oil, 10w-40 with jaso ma specifications.

I've heard and seen that the sightglasses on the RMZ is inacurate. My friend filled it like he was supposed to by the sight glass and it spit out oil until it had gotten to the proper level. I'd go by the stamping marked on the case.

The first thing you need is a 2 peice water pump cover.

After draining all the oil and cleaning my oil filter, (you probubly have paper filters so you replace those not clean).

I take 1 quart of oil and get that in, then i take the 2nd conatiner and go till i get to the middle of the lines on the eye glass. If in not in a hurry i normally start my bike and let it idle then shut it off and let the oil settle for a bit then check it. The only reasons its inacurate is because the oil gets in the filter and places in your engine after it runs a secound. But one you start it and get the oil in the nicks and crannys then you fill it back up if you have to.

Cool.Thanks for all the help

The sight glass is misleading, you really dont need to pull the 8mm drain plug theres a very minimal amount of oil that drains and it strips very easy. Use the amounts on the engine by the kick starter 1300-1350 ml. Oil wicks up the crank when the engine sits so the sight glass isn't worth using except to see that you do have oil in the engine.

There is plenty of oil under the small plug. Don't listen to this guy, you pull out both plugs and let it all drain (make sure the bike is warmed up first). While the oil is draining, pull out the oil filter and replace it or clean it if its a metal one. After you put the drain plugs in, I put in enough oil to go to the middle of the sight glass, make sure the bike is level and on the ground (stands can tip, if urs is level than its fine). Then fire the bike up for a couple minutes, just let it idle, no revving. Make sure the bike is level and add oil as neccessary. This works every time, the sightglass is not misleading.

Hey TNT if you need a sight glass to know what the oil capacity of your engine is you have problems.....wait till 07 that will be one of the first changes Suz. makes is to remove that. As for the small drain plug you might get 10mm out of it..and if you have changed your oil every 3hrs this little bit isn't going to make any difference. Before you decide to light me up have an idea on what your talking about. To each there own just think before you speak.

. Make sure the bike is level and add oil as neccessary. This works every time, the sightglass is not misleading.

My manual states that when checking oil in the sightglass, the level of the bike should be such that the tops of both tyres should be level. I checked this out and it does make a BIG difference

Forget the sight glass it's great to see that you have oil in your bike...But use the amounts stated in your manual and on the bike these are the volumes recomened by the factory. If you try and go by the sight galss after your bike sits for awhile the oil will wick up the crank and it will look like it's low when it isn't.

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