XR600 with bad cough?!

My '96 XR600 dualsported bike has developed a bad cough at warm up that will stall the motor dead. It happens mostly when the revs are down but it is strong enough to stall the motor out even when in gear and moving, (It almost seams like the piston is being blown backwards). My valves were adjusted about six monthes back. A friend thinks it could be Cam chain tensioner is out. It is also a bear to start the bike now. What should I be looking for? I would love to fix this without visiting my neighborhood, condesending, arogent inline four, inbread, Van Nuys trailor park wrench monkeys. They think an aprilia is the same as a Ducati. Thanks.... ~33 :D

The starter enrichment needle valve, read choke, could be out of adjustment, needs cleaning or the cable needs lubing. Doesn't take much to screw this up. The service manual is very specific about the very minimal freeplay in the cable. Just a thought since it's hard to start and it's happening when it's cold.

Any intake or exhaust mods, like an aftermarket air filter, rejetting or a pipe on it? Is the air filter clean? How's the spark and spark plug condition? New plugs make a world of difference for kickers. Pull the carb, check the pilot circuit and clean it out to rule out any of those possibilities.

I wouldn't rule out checking the exhaust valve clearances either. They could be too tight and cause hard starting. Good luck.

I had a similar symtom on my 97 XR600R it was just crap in the pilot jet.

My 600 was doing a similar deal .

I gave the carb a good cleaning , new plug ,93 octane gas ,cleaned the air filter , did the valves , and it still did it . I finally got it to stop by turning out the air fuel screw about a 1/2 turn .

See if any of that helps, chances are it could use it anyway.

Thanks for the input guys. I will get busy with it on the weekend!

fix it now and ride on the weekend :D

I was wondering if you have fix the problem with your bike and what it was. My 83 600 has developed the same kind of cough olny when its cold.

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