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Review '04 KTM 450 EXC

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Hi all.

I'm new to this 4-stroke game, I've been an oil burner all my life (KDX200 & 2x KX250's) but trail riding up against a squadron of 4-bangers (YZ450f's, a RM-Z450, and a CRF450) my KX250 is getting a displacement complex, not to mention I'm ringing it's neck.

We all ride geared MX's on the trails as they are slick, quick and nimble. I've got the opportunity to throw a leg over an '04 KTM 450 EXC which would be great to get the wide ratio box and trail set up but I have never ridden one and same goes for my mates and I don't want to hop on a tracktor.

Could someone please shed some light on what I should expect with regard to power curve, gear ratios, and reliability. . . . and any other little tricks I should know.

Thanks Crew.

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The 450 EXC is trully the Jack of all trades bike. Gear ratios will allow you to do anything, the power is adaquate but smooth & steady, this is the kinda power you want when your seaking traction, not the fastest tire shreader in town. Then if you decide you need more to step up to 525 or 540 is relitivly inexpensive piston cylinder swap.

Many are going to say you need to gear it down as first gear is going to idle faster than you can ride in tight woods. Personally I would discourage that as even geared down you need to monitor your speed with the clutch. I always gear a bike such that when we peter out on a big hill it stalls the engine rather than wheely over backwards.


1: the carb can use a little tinkering, the best combo is available fro jdjetting.com

2: The chain slack needs to be huge, before you adjust the chain remove the shock and run the swing arm up to mid travel, it probubly does not need to be adjusted at all!!!! Fail to remove the shock and you can break lots of expensive parts.

3: Become accustom to adjusting the valves,

Loctite the shifter & kick starter bolts

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Thanks for the info, I'm keen to give the EXC a crack so I can out gun the MX's on the transport sections, but I hope it's not to much of a pig on the tight stuff.

I'll keep you up to speed with how the euro enduro pulls up in the West Australian bush.

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