engine oil replacement question

I just changed the oil and oil filter on my 2003 yamaha yz450f. I put in a quart and 200ml of another quart. But after letting it run for about 5 to 10 minutes and sit for a minute or two to settle back down the oil barely registers on the dipstick. why does the dipstick show the oil level is soo low? I have the bike level on centerstand. Is it suppose to show it being that low? thanx

the oil expands and contracts /w/ heat, check the oil level after the recomended time via owners manual.

good luck,


I believe It says to let it idle for about a minute or two and shut it off and check it right then with out letting it sit.

the procedure is the same on all 03-05 250f's and 450f's. take the bike out and let it warm up thoroughly, to where the radiators are warm to the touch. stop, make sure the bike is on a level surface and wait five minutes. unscrew the dipstick carefully, take it out and wipe it off...then stick it back in (you dont have to thread it in). now take it back out and you will see your proper oil level.

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