Will a 16 Tooth fit on a 650L

I need to raise the ratio a bit. Will it fit?

try it or ask a dealer.

looks pretty tight, I would have my doubts .. :D

I just put on a 16-tooth sprocket. It's not cush-drive (maybe its for an XR600R?). It's a tight fit, but it does fit.

None of them come with cush drive.

my stock 15-tooth sprocket has some sort of rubber insert ... must be a cush-drive, of a sort Ive never seen before .. :D

Its not an insert, really, its a little rubber bonded to the sprocket to help quiet the noise of the chain- I think.

It might cushion things a tiny bit if it actually holds the chain rollers off the bottoms of the sprockets, but not by much.


Dave is right, it is simply for noise reduction. I doesn't reduce the load or wear on the sprocket/chain/countershaft whatsoever.

OK, thanks, I was trying to figure out what the heck it was ... duhhh, .. once again, modern technology jumps up to bite me in the butt :D

Modern technology? Thought you were talking about an XRL...


:D my last few bikes were chopped HD panheads and flatheads ... think the jump to Honda XRL wasn't a major culture shock ??? ......... :D

Id be very interested in your findings regarding the 16T.

I need higher gearing and would definately fit one if the chain doesnt rub the cases.

A 16 tooth will work fine.

So was the conclusion on this that a 16 will fit? If so who makes a 16 that will fit the L? Has anyone actually put some miles on with that size?

where exactly would i go about finding a 16 toot front? i have never seen one!!!!!!!!! it would be great on the street.....totaly suck in the dirt.

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