BRP Scotts Submount kit and longer brake line?

I'm running BRP's submount kit on my BRP, and I'm about to switch over to stainless steel brake lines. The stock lines have flex to accomodate the higher bar mounting, but I doubt the SS lines will have near as much. So, has anyone out there using the submount kit switched to SS stock length lines with no problems? I was thinking about either getting the front brake line +1" or +2" over stock just in case (Galfer offers custom lengths), but thought I'd ask first.

Also, were any submount users with edelbrock carburators able to get +3" throttle cables from edelbrock? They said they only had +4" lines, which are WAY too long. Thanks.

Motion Pro made me a couple sets of custom length carb cables a few years ago. I don't know of they do that anymore, but you may want to check with them as they were the ones who used to supply Edelbrock with their cables and maybe they still do.

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