XR650R Aus Model Gearing

Hi guys

I have recently purchased a road legal Aussie Model XR650R. It comes standard with 15/41 gearing which lets it lope along effortlessly at 100ks (60mph) and higher. For what I use the bike for this is not such a bad thing but there is almost no adjustment left on the chain after only a couple of hundred miles from new. They are all like this!!! I don't want to break my new chain to remove a couple of links so I can adjust it, and anyway, I'm not sure the chain would fit after i did. I could of course buy a bigger rear sprocket but that would alter the gearing. I'm not real sure how to calculate the difference that would make either, or if that would require extending the chain......

Anyone have some info on this dilemma?





For dirt riding, 14/48 sprockets (standard on US bikes) are the hot ticket. For 100% road riding, I feel the 15/41 gearing is still too tall (even for the 650R power hound!) and you could opt for a 43 or 44 tooth rear sprocket which may not require any chain links added seeing that yours is adjusted right out. Hope this helps.


I was thinking a 43 which is only two teeth up, and like you say it may not need any extra links, my totally novice view is that this may be about right gearing wise for me, I guess for $35 I could just try it huh.

I couldn't imagine 14/48, that would be a bit buzzy between tracks I reckon but great when you get there. It's all a compromise when you use it on road and track.

Thanks, you have just confirmed my thoughts.

Mark 2

I run 15/45 and works well, I may go to 15/44, mines (uncorked) with exhaust, air box mod and jetted right it still pulls strong and cruises 75 at 1/3 throttle and runs cool, 15/41 seems too tall anyhow.

I run 14/47 for every thing but baja then 15/47

Really need to get a like a 12/50 setup too for the really technical stuff like the Tecate Hare scramble and the piutes

Update, I ended up putting a 46 on the back and leaving the 15 in the front. I couldn't get a 45 without having to wait, and either way I would have had to cut the chain as we get a 108 link in Aus compared to 110 everywhere else. Apparently they gear tall to pass our ADR rules (quiet drive by) and it's really only good for a motard or something. The 46 works Perfect anyway, still cruises niceley and particuarly well around town. Pick-up is so much better, I honestly didn't believe it would make such a dramatic difference. Not sure what the top end is like now, but I'm never likely to go more than 80mph and it will easily do that.

Thanks for the tips. :D:D

Btw....nice bike


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