Am I doing harm?

I took out the insert in my pipe ('05 wr450) and did not put anything in its place. I saw (in a recent Dirt Rider) that you should put another pipe in its place...Am I doing any harm by leaving it as it (with no insert at all?)


No damage at all, engine just breathes a little better. The 05 has a new muffler and the bike still meets the 96Db offroad requirement with the end plug removed. I believe inserts were required on the older models to still meet the sound requirement (assuming you even cared about that!). You'll hear people tell you to rejet but my 2005 runs fine with the end baffle removed and stock jetting. I will probably richen it up as the weather cools this fall though.

No harm is being done.. That's how I ran mine before I noticed the pipe was holding the bike back..

After reading all the posts on TT about the noise problems out there I guess I'm lucky to be where I am here in South Carolina where they have yet to check. I'm running a FMF power bomb and T-4 with the larger end cap and this thing is "loud". Although I did just install the spark arrestor screen, I heard they were going to start checking for them. The places I ride aren't near any residential areas so the only ones that might complain would be other riders and so far no complaints. And for the sound police out there if it was to become a problem I would comply, I want to protect our riding areas also, We already don't have enough places to ride, without losing more due to the loud pipes.

no harm running a loud pipe other than hearing and land use loss.

This is hardly a "noise" thread... If you've ever looked through the back end of an 05 pipe you'll see two small tubes like that of a vortip or Bajadesigns quiet tip insert.. Even without any type of insert in the pipe it's still quiet even by todays standards. I'll bet a totally uncorked 05 pipe is still quieter than FMF's so called "Q" pipe. 05 pipes are totally different than that found on older model WR's.

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