Anyone in Southern IL Help with cam mod

Anyone from around the Southern IL area with a 426 wanna help me do the 450 cam mod to my bike? My bike is all stock and i want this to be my first mod. i hate the manual decomp. crap. Any help appreciated

What town are you in?

I grew up in Southern Illinois, Ive been gone for about two years. But if your from the Carbondale Or Murphysboro area let me know. I know the shops and who is good and bad.

Im From Enfield about 30 miles east of Mt.Vernon. I do go around carbondale area some, But not often.

Where are you at 642MX?

Where are you at 642MX?

Evansville, IN

HI I know it is an old post, but I just found it. I live in Brownsville (Carmi) If you still need help or want to ride sometime let me know. Thanks Marty!

WE went to a company called HOT CAMS they have a auto decompression exhaust cam and a nice intake cam. We just installed a set in our 426 it was simple. We replaced the timing chain with the cam swap. I am sure someone else is making these cams for the 426 but these are all we could find. We did not have to do any other mods other than resetting the valve lash. There is a very noticeable power gain throughout the rpm range.

I think this is what ill be going with anyway. Unless i can pick up the 450 cam for really cheap

I'm too far North (Dekalb) to help you with the install. You can get the cam for a really decent price through North County Yamaha. Give them a call don't order online. I got mine for 90$. Also order the blanking plug from the TT store, 24'ish$. All of the instruction and specifications you'll need can be found on TT. If you can find a Yammy shop that carries the shims it'll be an easy 1 day job.

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