2007 XR650L redesign planned?

This may have been covered on other thread, but I couldn't find it.

Does anyone know if Honda has plans for significant redesign/update of XR650L in 2007? It has been several years without any major changes to the XR650L. Is it known if 2007 model will be different. Is there going to be a 2007 model? Who would know about this?

If 2007 going to be similar I might as well try to buy this year. If 2007 is going to be altered, i.e. lighter weight, I can wait for that purchase. Any info is appreciated.

Thanks, Mark

IMHO, the XR650L is so long in the tooth and so much needed to be changed that they would just drop the "L" completely and make a new motorcycle. The CRF450X is a move in that direction , much lighter, much better technology . At present the 450 doesn't have the long term endurance of the 650L but far better motorcycle. Take the 450, add :D more oil capacity , longer pistion skirt and an additional ring , larger tank and think what a neat dualsport motorcycle it would be.

I'm pretty sure there won't be a redesign for 2006, as I've seen the bike advertised as an '06 already. But 2007? Your guess is as good as mine!

why would you redesign a bike that is perfect?

It is the downfall of man the desire to mess with perfection. The real kicker is why I want to buy something that doesn't exist with the hope that it will be new and improved. How's that for being a good consumer? If I was at all rational, I'd buy a used 2004 or 2005 and spend the dollars saved over a new one on a bunch of stuff to trick it up to be better than new.

Just don't want to be in the awkward situation of buying a 2006 in mid-2006 and then find out that the 2007 is revamped, thereby wiping out a good part of the 2006 resale value. Also to avoid the "why the heck didn't you wait and buy a 2007" looks.

Thats 1 good reason the factories are usually tight lipped about new things , so the sales wont stop on existing models. When I worked for OMC , they said not to say anything about anything - good or bad . Cause for termination.

Honda has put zero dollars into the L in 12 years and we still love and buy it. Why would they invest anything into it now? The next Honda dual sport will most likely be based off of the CR450X.

why would you redesign a bike that is perfect?
In theory, you wouldn't.....but we are talking about the 650L.

rumor has it, the new XR650L will boast "Bold New Graphics" !!!! ...wow :D

New graphics! Holy smokes, a extra 10 HP :D

Why would Honda change the XR650L?

It is quiet, proven, exceeds EPA standards. Comfortable.

Honda sells every one of them.. Why retool??

I laughed out loud when I read that about the new Graphics

Why would Honda change the XR650L?

It is quiet, proven, exceeds EPA standards. Comfortable.

Honda sells every one of them.. Why retool??

If they made it lighter, somewhat smaller, with more power, and water cooled, they'd sell even more.

I have both the R and the L, let all other bikes sit in the garage after converting the L to Motard, great fun, this year I bought and converted the 650R to Motard, now the L aslo sits in the garage. Even after 1400 blipfree miles to Copper Canyon, the 650R shows why the L is past it's prime.

i just bought a new 2006 XR650L..my dealer didnt know of any changes coming for the bike in the near future,but heck,they just got the '06 models in,and i am sure that even the dealers wont be informed of changes for several months.i wanted a dual sport bike,that i could ride to work,but yet take out with my 6 yr.old on his new crf70 that we bought the same day..at first i was a bit disappointed with the power,but after reading these forums,i knew that could be fixed with the standard uncorking mods and i plan to start tonight,because the wife says i just recieved parts fedex from thumpertalk store..the bike is geared way to high for woods riding,so i am dropping the front sprocket a tooth to begin with..i will remove smog pump,put in a uni filter,do the famous "daves carb mod." with a 158 and 55 jet,drill the slide-shim the needle-grind the mix.screw etc. i have removed the baffling from the stock exhaust for now,but a pipe wont be far down the road..i plan to do these things one step at a time,so i know what makes the most difference..as far as riding the bike,i think it is great!! even in stock trim and my size,(6'4"-295lbs.) i go out of my way to find the twistiest gravel roads i can on my ride home from work everyday.i set all the suspension settings to full firm..i can only imagine what these bike do when "supermoto'ed" GO GET YA ONE!!

When I bought my new 05 650L the dealership said that they sell their allocation of "L"'s every year and can never get more from Honda - as Honda says they are such a popular seller that they have to spread the allocations evenly throughout dealerships to keep regional sales streaming along and consumers happy. Once the production line run has been exhausted by sales for the current year, they don't even bother to gear up and produce more - even though dealerships could sell em. It is as though Honda knows it has a good thing going and has a solid seller (has had for years) It has it's own market and dedicated following (us) it is the undisputed KING of the large displacement dual sports - when compared to the Suzuki DP and the Kawasaki KLR.

I think Honda will eventually disontinue it - but not for awhile - weening will have to be done and or something so wiz bang (the CRF450X) as a replacement. In the meantime Honda enjoys some of the greatest sales ever made on a bike and we the consumers (most of us) love it too. It (the XR650L) sure is a nice long running rebound by Honda after the introduction of the failed NX series that replaced the long longevity XL line. The only mark I think Honda is missing is making adding other bikes to the dual sportline up, like a XR250L and XR400L - they too would sell like aspirins at income tax time.

Very insightful stuff. You are right. It is this dedicated crowd that has made the XR650 so popular. But, I believe this hard core dedicated market also contributes to the Honda marketing guys' argument that the bike doesn't need to have any significant update or redesign. Why invest money when you got a sure thing? Besides, they need to invest major bucks on trying to capture the fickle high end sport bike riders who gotta see major changes (improvements?) every year or they'd jump ship over to Yamaha, Suzuki, or Kawasaki. Honda also knows that they don't have any serious competitors in the big bore thumper dual sport category. Now if other manufacturers came out with something that equaled or bettered the XR 650 (seems impossible), then you'd see some major development investment the next model year I'd bet. I just wish they'd incorporate some more of the advancements from the CRF 450X into a new 2007 XR.

I don't think XR 250s or XR 400s would create new demand. Young kids tend to go for road speed. Besides, the likely high seat height would make the bikes a difficult sell to vertically challenged youths wanting a street ride. You can't be seen leaning over or tippy toeing it every stop sign. It makes it look like and you feel like you are shorter than you really are.

Anybody hear of POSSIBLE changes for 2007? Where would someone contact to get an inside scoop on changes? Honda must have already finalized plans for 2007 as it takes a lot of advance enginnering and retooling to get ready for a new design or upgrade.


If they made it lighter, somewhat smaller, with more power, and water cooled, they'd sell even more. (quote)

they did ... it's called the XR650R ... and they sell the hell outta both models


Yeah, the XR650R is all of that, but it isn't a street-legal ride.

Has anyone converted a XR650R over to a street-legal bike? Would legalities, i.e. licencing rules would have to be made? What electrical changes?

Is there a past thread on this subject?

Yeah, the XR650R is all of that, but it isn't a street-legal ride.
Exactly! And it is getting harder and harder to dual sport 650Rs in most places. Honda will have to fix it so the 650R comes out of the box street legal for a bunch of us.

I've had two XRLs and if I ever buy another Dual Sport, it will be a Suzuki DRZ400 unless Honda improves their offering significantly.

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