can ya feel the power?

Sounds like this issue doen't set well with most members! There have been numerous parts for sale in each of the different bike sections. It appears mountain mans post was found by a mod that has little tact. If he was more professional and confident he would have posted in mountain mans thread so all could observe his response and then we all could have learned how TT prefers we sell our stuff!! What about the banner ads all over the top of the forum?????? Isn't that part sales?! I guess it all depends on who benifits from the sale!!

just start posting like this...............I got a 05 yz450 just wondering whats it worth to you ............if you was going to buy a use one with less than 12 hours on it and alot of mods like frame guards,steel braided brake line, after market tank, pro action suspension(dropped two inches), new dunlop tires, gas cap nipple and chain slide. Just wondering what a person thinks its worth(IF THEY WAS IN THE MARKET)

There ya go!! I guess it's not what ya say but how ya say it. :D

ya like he said some things do slip by :D its all good :D

ya like he said some things do slip by :D its all good :D

Live and learn. Use your SIG wisely. :D

How funny, I posted a tank for sale the same day you put up your parts, and mine vanished also, it didnt take me lone to figure out what happened. I began to think, the evalution of TT is just like any other company, website, group.......Kinda sad, I miss the old format of TT and the 5 or 6 members that kept it fun (you know who you are, EGO)

Cant blame TT for wanting to streamline and become more efficient, start bringing in some profits, but erasing a guys post because its not in the prescribed forum is a little gay, the tank I was selling will only fit a yz250f/450f so I put it in those forums, I wasnt trying to over-throw the TT regime................And so goes life, bigger,better, faster, and the little "good" parts of TT start to slip by.......

You know, I've been on this forum for a while, and things have definitely changed. TT has become more of a BUSINESS than anything else. There are tons of issues that many members have regarding new features. Being told not to list bike specific things for sale in the proper bike brand forum is one of them. Having the CRF forum CLUTTERED with the same questions about how to mod your "X" model is another. And you know what? After COUNTLESS people speak up saying they want a change to make it easier to sift through things, we always get the same reply. "It's too much trouble to separate the forum. Plus, you had a chance and you all voted to combine them." It's like, geez, sorry to be a "customer" of TT who contributes time, knowledge, and money. If this is truly a "business" doesn't the customer come first? Imagine if you YZF guys had to sift through WR stuff all day to find maybe one or two posts that pertain to you? :D

#1 reason I post here, but don't buy jack there.

I'm not impressed.

The bulletin board has been built by the members and thier posts. Not the other way around. It's an ego, pride and overly officious attitude I've seen happen numerous times to many growing boards.

You'll get told to STFUP and leave if you don't like it. Or get banned. Nothing new under the sun.

Well said furryballs (d@mn I had a hard time saying your name! :D ) The fact of the matter is, profit is good and they deserve to be profitable. This site is of a huge value to all of us. With that said, they say that they don't want the various forums to be cluttered with stuff for sale. For who? For us. And WE say we don't mind it, if fact, we LIKE to be able to bring attention to stuff that we may want to buy or sell in THE FORUM THAT IS GOING TO BE SEEN. Just like the titanium foot pegs in the aforementioned post. I didn't think I wanted any, wasn't looking for any, until mountainman said he had them for sale. Then, as impulsive as I am, decided that I wanted some. BAM. the deal is done (until it got deleted). The bottom line is this, TT dudes. Don't be controlling for the sake of being controlling. Have a good reason! Aside from that, I love it, I appreciate it, I recommend it, and will continue to use it (unless you get mad at me for this post and delete me! :D )

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