2005 Price?

I am considering getting a 2005 brand new 450 leftover if it can be had at the right price that would make me not want the 06. I am looking in PA, NY, NJ area. There are plenty around, but before I make an offer, I want to know exactly what I should offer. I have considered walking in with 4500 cash and offering it... but that might be insultingly low. The best phone price i have heard is over 5 still. Any advice? I have an 05 250F, so maybe i should wait and try my luck with the 06? Any thoughts would be great.

That may be a bit low but what the heck.Cant hurt to try it!The cash thing doesn't mean as much as it use to,these days they would RATHER finance you

and any parts or gear they can!!!

offer him $5k and go from there.

Yes, 5K is fair. You just missed two on Ebay that went for 4995 and that includes shipping.

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