650l versus lower lumbar

This is getting painful

My lower lumbar, right down where my back joins my pelvis is really starting to constantly ache. I took a long ride from kitsap county over to Gold bar and rode off-road for about 2 hours. Ever since then my lower back has been bothering me.

It had bothered me before but not quite so bad.

I am a fairly active guy, Lift weights/pt/run 3 or more times a weak and have been riding bikes since I was about 6 yrs old, and have been commuting on my 97 650l (stock suspension) for the last year. I am 6' 3" about 220lbs.

I would appreciate any helpful hints you guys have discovered for minimizing the affects of vibrations on the human structure.

Thanks Rob

First recover.Then I would try standing on the pegs more when you hit whoops, jumps, ruts and anything else that might make your suspension work, other than your back. JMHO.

You could also wear a kidney belt. It'll give some support and help your posture.

Ditto on the kidney belt, Definitely a needed item for riding....... :D

Trade in bike for a Goldwing, I heard those are great at treating back pain, at least in the older population.


Thanks guys

Funny how you don't really know you are doing something stupid till it gets painful :D Now that you mention it I really don't stand that much while off-roading....gonna have to practice that.

On Kidney belts, is one as good as another? Any suggestions?

Thanks for the advice


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