CRF forum blows ... CRF front brake help?

I "accidentally" landed a 2005 CRF450 .... you guys have always fixed my idiocy in the past ... hoping someone has some insight on the crf ....

So the neighbor kid comes over and squeezes my front brake lever while I'm changing the tire ... after messing with it for an hour (i have no manual and never had this problem before) trying to get the thing to get back to it's de-compressed state so i can get the wheel on .... the brake pads fall out and these two metal clip things fall off. I have no idea how they're suppossed to fit together.

Anybody have a picture from the manual or of their front brake (pads and especially the position of the metal clip thingies) they could post so I could see what my problem is?



Kids do love to "milk" a motorcycle. For Yamaha parts, there are many websites that have very good parts diagrams. Does Honda not have that? Is there any chance that the rear uses the same type of clips?

I got 'er, thank you! the crf forum finally came through too :D

Take grips off and put on YZ, problem corrected. :D

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