Powercore 4 or Dr. D for 05 WR. Which would you pick?

I have a FMF Gnarley on my CR500, it's holding up well. However the Turbine Core 2 silencer is a POS, maybe they are trying to squeeze all the profit out of there products by using cheaper manufaturing methods or something. I will never buy FMF again.

Yep, I think they might be going cheap on the materials.

I see you already ordered the DR D, but I'd like to throw in my 2 cents on my current PC4 SA. The performance is great but it basically has fallen apart. A couple of months after I bought it it developed a crack almost all the way around where the mid pipe is welded to the front of the can. I had a welder who I work with fix it, he filled in the valley around the mid pipe junction and it looked like it would be bulletproof. Well, I went to repack it about a month ago and the crack was back, all along the outside of the weld :D and to add insult to injury the square perforated core had completely broken into two pieces at the midpoint of the can. I've also had a problem with the spark arrestor screen falling apart. What a POS. I'm probably not going to be buying anymore FMF pipes. BTW, I tried the quiet core insert and it was horrible. My WR450 felt like a glorified 250.

I think my next pipe is going to be a Yoshimura Comp series with the TEC insert, it looks like a better design. Anybody have any feedback on this setup?

I was just wondering how many hours you had between when you bought the muffler and when you repacked the muffler, also, what type of riding were you doing during this time? just a curious consumer

My FMF PC4 / SA has been on for a year now and gone through hell and back! No issues. Well built and reliable! :D

PC4 with the quiet core insert. Great price too! :D

I would order the quiet core for the Dr. D pipe if you plan on riding on public lands so you can meet the 96db sound requirement. AMA District 37 is now sound testing at their Grand Prixs and Enduro events.

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