Cant get Oil Filter out!!!

Alright people I am not sure if this was posted before but I didnt feel like going through all the posts. I have a 2005 yz450. I bought the full system white brothers carbon pro exhaust for it. Installed it. Went to do an oil and il filter change and I cant get the top bolt out. Had to remove the header. The clearance is so small that I could definetly dent a portion of the header in so i can get the bolt out without removing the header. I just dont want to dent my 600 dollar exhaust. any idea's????

Us 2000 426 guys have got the header removing thing down pat. I just decided to get used to it.

Yeah, I know. I have my bike for sale and I plan to get the 06YZ (sweet). If I don't sell my 426, then I'll just spend some more money on it and keep it, so if I do, that's one of the things I'm going to do.

Have the same problem with my Dr.D Header pipe. I just loosen the header bolts and rotate it enough to get the top oil filter bolt out.

Haven't had that problem with my '01 426. Wasn't aware of this problem on the new models. Thanks for the heads-up guys.

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