Rear brake bleeding

I was just wondering what the deal is, I was bleeding my rear brake last night and found that the bubbles in the line kept coming even after a half of a bottle of fluid was pumped through. Does tha seem exsesive or am I sucking air from somwhere else ie: seals?

If you are pumping the pedal before opening the bleeder, you may be causing the fluid to foam. Just push the pedal down, open the bleeder, close the bleeder, let the pedal up. It may also help to dismount the caliper, slip a piece of wood between the pads, and hang it from the exhaust with the bleeder on top. This will put the caliper higher than the master cylinder. On the rear, there is a high spot created where the line attaches to the M/C. Bleed this point by loosening the line instead of the bleeder. Bleed by using the pedal, and then by pushing the pads back into the caliper, which will force fluid backwards up the line to that point.

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