Conflicting info about Fork Oil Seal Removal 05 WR450

Does anyone know if the oil seal can be removed without removing the damper rod?

The TT search says you need to remove it while the Yamaha manual says the seal can be removed with the slide hammer motion prior to the removal of the damper rod.

I've totally disassembled my DRz400e forks with no special tools but this is my first look at upside down forks since my 91 KTM WP's... Never mind this twin chamber stuff.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


On my 30 WR450, I did not have to remove my damper rod to replace my seals.

I would trust your manual.

I just heard the same from a friend. Thanks!

You don't need to take the damper rod out but it is hard to get all the oil out of them and clean the crud out with it in there. If you have a air impact you can get them out with out the damper rod holder tool.

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