My new Yz450 F throws out coolant is this normal ?

My new YZ450F throws out coolant if I let the bike idle for about a minute. Is this a normal thing or do I need to check up the bike. I've ridden the bike for about 20 minutes just running it in. Do I need to change the oil ? Dumb ass questions but I'm all alone in India without any MX help. will appreciate any help.

I run Engine Ice in mine, it helps. I know you're not supposed to let them sit and idle.

It's normal. They run hot.

Yeah, just don't let it sit very long and remember to replace the fluid that you lost.

Your bike is like a shark. It needs to keep moving. Depending on the weather, it's normal to blow coolant after much over a minute of just idling unless you're sitting facing into a good breeze and tweak the throttle every now and then. Change the oil in between the first and second hour. Filter too. Then again in five, and every ten after that. Do the frame oil screen inspection only once, at the first or second oil change. After that, once a season, or if anything major gets done to the engine.

If your bike ins't getting any airflow over it, and you let it sit and idle for any length of time coolant will boil out of it unless you give the throttle a few blips. This is normal, but dont forget to replace the lost coolant before you go riding.

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