650R Valve Clearance Adjustment Question

Hey guys,

How do you know when your XR650R needs to have the valves adjusted? The reason I ask is that my 2000 has more than likely never had the valves adjusted. I bought it a couple years ago and I doubt the previous owner never performed this task.

The bike runs great now and I am thinking of doing the valve adjustment during the off season.

Is there a risk of not doing this sooner like ASAP? How do you know when the valves need adjusting?

Thanks in advance,


The best way to tell is to actually buy a feeler and check them. I imagine if they were never done they might need some checking/ adjustments. I just bought a XR650R last week and I intend to check them asap. I also own a Husky that I check every 15 hours of use. It is real easy.

I was told a sign that your valves are going is that it gets harder to kick start the bike, I am not 100% sure that is accurate though, like I said someone told me that.

I would check them just to be on the safe side, it looks pretty easy on the XR.

I check mine pretty regularly. I have never had to adjust the exhaust,but have done the intakes several times.

It was never any harder to start and always ran well.......but once they have been adjusted "spot on" the bike is a lot more snappy.

I adjust mine every two weeks (I ride it almost everyday, and race it once a week) - I've got a stage 2 hotcams and they almost always need adjusting. Like others have said, the intake is more often out of spec than the exhaust. It's really easy with practice, I've done it about 6 or 7 times since March and it takes about 30 minutes from pulling out the toolbox to washing my hands.

Thanks for the information,

I am going to go ahead and adjust the valves later tonight. With the info. you gave me, it should not be too hard.

By the way, I checked with the local dealership and they wanted to charge me a hundred bones just to check and adjust the valves.

Thanks for saving me a hundred bucks!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks again,


This is one thing I like about the xr line. Very easy valve inspection/adjustment. Pop the caps, get her to TDC on compression stroke with a lil play in the rockers and check them with the feeler. I do mine every 6 months or so and the intakes are usually a bit tight and like others have said the exhaust side never gives me a problem.

My 2002 XR650R's exhaust valves have yet to move! I check the valves once a season wether it needs it or not. Takes a licking and keeps on ticking!

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