Cheapest place for OEM Yamaha parts?

***Found one thanks to biznet1. Saved a bunch of $$.****

I've seen a shop that was selling the 450 cam real cheap. I lost the link and can't find it. I'm looking for a WR426 stator and flywheel and I think this place will save me $$ Anybody know an online shop that sells discount OEM parts?

5NG-85560-00-00 BASE ASSY $212.59 $212.59

90149-06324-00 SCREW $0.45 $0.45

5NG-85550-00-00 ROTOR ASSY $152.70 $152.70

90179-10247-00 NUT, FLANGE $0.93 $0.93

90201-101J1-00 WASHER, PLATE $2.35 $2.35



Type of shipping & handling: Standard Shipping (7-12 days)





I got my 03 wr450 ex cam to put in my 02 426 here on TT. Cost me 10 bucks to join but I got the cam delivered for about $115 and the dealer wanted almost $160!

I just ordered some gaskets from my local shop where I get a 10% discount and I checked the prices against the link you posted, mrcycle, and mrcycle was about 20-30% cheaper than my shop price. thanks.

Zanotti motors charges ~10%over their cost....

Hi Bryan Bosch. I would love to support oem .thumpertalk. I must be a dumbo I can't seem to order parts for my wr450 2004 model Your store only shows 2001 model . Am i doing something wrong. Exelent site learning so much here Thank you. :thumbsup:

get a quote from here before you part with any $$$$

you may be surprised.

local dealers want between $91 -$115 for a cam chain and they are $47 from here (aus dollars)

use here as a part number reference

Thank you wow. What a differance. local dealer =3rd pinion gear $135.00.jap parts=48.00.Total To rebuild my gearbox local $597.00. jap parts$ 337.00. a good saving. :thumbsup: Still wating for a quote from the tt store .

Do they ship to other countries, or australia only?

I`m in the need of alot of engine parts for rebuild, the cheapest way possible..


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