Looking for discount Yamaha OEM parts..

I've seen a shop that was selling the 450 cam real cheap. I lost the link, and can't find it on TT. I'm looking for a WR426 stator and flywheel and I think this place will save me $$ Anybody know an online shop that sells discount OEM parts?

5NG-85560-00-00 BASE ASSY $212.59 $212.59

90149-06324-00 SCREW $0.45 $0.45

5NG-85550-00-00 ROTOR ASSY $152.70 $152.70

90179-10247-00 NUT, FLANGE $0.93 $0.93

90201-101J1-00 WASHER, PLATE $2.35 $2.35



Type of shipping & handling: Standard Shipping (7-12 days)




Rather not have to pay this much....



Consideralbly lower than any I've seen. For example, the first part you list is 5NG-85560-00-00 $144.43

Thanks! Not the same place, but it's definately cheaper!

Got the parts, Shipping: $22.00

Total: $268.85

What's that, $140 savings! Thanks for your help.


Glad I could help. :D

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