Ticking/rapping noise

I need some help from you who are far more experienced in 4-strokes than I am. I own an 04 yz450, bought as a left over. It has been ridden 6 times and has about 12-15 hours. It has had the oil changed 4 times and the filter has been changed twice. I am a 44 year old wannabee mxer, but of course like to have fun.... Lately there has been a light rapping/tapping from the engine, kid of in the front, that souonds like a car motor lifter that isn't getting enough oil. It is most noticable when the bike is first started, and lasts for a few minutes and sweems to diminish after a while. I spent the afternoon at a practice track in Maine yesterday, and at first it was very noticable, and at the end of the day it was there but much quieter. The bike is obviously still tight, and starts first kick, and is reliable. The dealer I bought it from keeps saying the bikes are bullet proof, and not to worry,but this doesn't seem normal OR good. It also seems way too early for a Yamaha to have valve issues. Any thoughts?

Also, my 2 buddies who own 03 crf's liked my bike more than theirs after spinning a few laps on it.They said it handled better and felt lighter... Yee Hah!


How about checking the valve clearances and oil pressure? Both procedures are outlined in the manual. The valves can get tight enough to warrant an adjustment during break-in.

I was thinking the same thing about the oil pressure, will check that first once the bike is clean. The valves I am a little hesitant to do, and was hoping to get through the first season with out having to do them. Thats one reason why I bought the Yamaha, other than I have always had one. If I remember i can check the oil pressure while running by loosening a bolt on the right side of the engine, but all the manual says is that "some" should come out. Should it fly out or dribble?

Thanks for the input by the way, I know you guys get bored with us "newbies".

Mine starts gushing before I even get the bolt all of the way out.

I have to admit I have never done the oil pressure check, since I have not had any symptoms or work done that would´ve warranted it. However, checking the valves is very easy. No need to drain oil or coolant, for example. Adjusting the clearance is a bit more work with removing and timing the cams but still no biggie.

My 04 makes the same noise and my valve clearances are in speck. I think it is just nomal sounds comming from the valve-train. Checking your clearances would be a good idea.

My 04 does emit some sounds like a thrashing machine, but everything is fine. THese four strokes do have some normal valvetrain noise.

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