there huge!!

does anyone no if one of those ginormus teraflex type 2 tires will fit on my 01 yzf 426 thanks :D

what are the dimensions of the tyre?

its probably more an issue of tread height than anything else cos they can fit motard tyres in the standard swingarms unless its truly a rediculously big tyre

I hope so I bought one!!! I had a rim found but the guy backed out on me. :D

last time I checked, Tera flex didnt make the big mud flinging beast of a tire in the 19" rim size. They only made 17" and 18". They had a less agrresive tire,

(looked normal) in the 19" but I dont think your interested in that one.

i didn't know they made motorcycle tires

My Dad rides an old YZ 490 and back in the day he said they were one of the meanest tires around. They last forever. Mine looks huge went with the woods tire only comes in 18'' but man it has huge noby's :D Still looking for a 18'' rim though.

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