94650L Clutch problem

I bought my 94 XR650L a few months ago, the clutch worked fine while on test ride. I desided to restore the bike with some new aftermarket parts and oil change. I bought the moose EZ-pull clutch system and had to slightly modify cables to get it to work. And I changed oil&filter, and put in Mobile 1 MX4T 10-40 4 cycle Fully Synthetic Oil. I don't know what oil was in there before but it was old and dirty. now after starting bike and warm up, NO CLUTCH??? I thought it might be cable so I removed it and tried engaging it were the clutch lever comes out of the case. still NO CLUTCH??? The bike has just under 8000k on it, low for a 94. I am the 3rd owner. any advice for this amateur? do I need a new Clutch kit?

I would try going back to dinosaur oil - Castrol 20-50W, these big fellers run hot and 10-40 is too think - IMHO. Synthetic oil maybe causing the clutch discs to slip excesively. All I have ever used for over 30 years in Honda singles is Castrol 20-50 - never a problem.

very doubtful the problem is oil-related ... we need more description than " NO clutch " .. since it worked before you made changes to cables, etc, I would say that is where your problem lies ...

No clutch meaning it won't engage, or won't dis-engage?


Clutches, clutches, we don't need no stinkin clutches :D

More info? I agree, if it worked before you messed with the clutch cables, that's where you need to start troubleshooting.

Motosprtman, thanks for the tip on the oil. 20-50 castrol dino is my best bet? I am planning to ride mostly on desert highways, with 95 to 105 temps, still the best oil? Well if you have been using castrol 20-50 for 30 years with no problems I would assume you have experienced all types of conditions? roadcam, XR650L_Dave, and ghoti, the meaning of NO CLUTCH in my case is : when clutch lever is pulled in I can not shift into 1st or 2nd gear.it grinds into first and stalls, the clutch does not engage to allow for shifting. and remember I said with the cables disconnected, and with my hand pulling on the lever that comes out of the case, the clutch still would not engage! so this to me would mean not a cable problem. So maybe I should just try draining the synthetic oil and use 20-50 castrol like Motosprtman suggested and see what happens? I'm still wondering if the clutch plates need to be replaced because of what the stinking synthetic oil did! does this soundlike the right thing to do? thanks for any help or experience given.

The clutch plates are stuck together.

Pull them, clean and measure them. If they look ok, put them back in.

It's not uncommon for a bike that sits alot.

You might try to ride and get it hot and see if they loosen up before you tear it apart.

Well, it's quite a mystery. What you mean to say is the clutch is not dis-engaging. A clutch is normally engaged, when you pull the lever a rod pushes the plates apart allowing them to slip. The fiber disks are most likely swollen. Why, I don't know. The synthetic oil, if anything, would make them more slippery. I would start with changing the oil too. I use diesel grade oil, but that's a whole nuther topic.

Just put the cable on correctly and go. Have a friend show you.

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