B&B bashplate tip

I bought a new B&B for my 05 450 and noticed that you need to remove it to get to the little drain bolt on the side of the motor near the bottom to remove all the oil as the manual states.

So i drilled a slotted hole where the bolt is, roughly around 10mm x 40mm so i can get a opened ender on it without removing the whole bashplate.

I just drilled about 4 holes next to each other and rounded it out with the drill then a round file to clean it up.

Looks trick and works well.

do you have a pic? :D

sorry unavailable, more or less looks like a blown up version of a slot for the coins in a pokie machine with the slot being right in the middle of the bolt to allow movement of the spanner left and right.

Wicked! I have got a B&B bash plate as well!

I remove mine every time I change the oil, the only thing that pisses me off is the

removal of the black plastic plugs that go in the front two holes.

Next time I am just going to fill em up with silicone.

Another reason I remove mine every time is to clean off all of the build up of oil / grease / dirt / mud.

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