Tomorrow is the day...

Im going to pick up my new Yamaha WR426, I cant wait. Bringing it home and getting rid of that pesky throttle stop (what good are toys if you cant modify them) Im sure I wont be disapointed with it. WOO HOO.


Congrats on the new bike man! I was amazed the first time I opened it up, the thing almost jumped out from under me. I have rode it as much as weather and work have permited me to. The thing will climb hills! The hills that used to be trouble on my KDX 220 are not a problem now. Have fun with your new bike, you will love it.

Well I went to the dealr today, got all the financing squared away, almost got to take it home but they did not have the carb. dialed in for me yet, not a big deal though. My dealer went ahead and already did the throttle stop for me, and removed my baffel from the silencer. woo hoo. Cant wait to tear it up.

Hang on tight, its a rocket!



2001 WR426FN

Hi All:

I just bought mine last week. I've got this morning off work so I'm going to file down the throttle stop to the 23mm as per the Dirt Bike article.

I have taken the baffle off and removed the top of the airbox, and I'll get a dual-sport kit for it here in a bit (this week?). I'd also like to get some of the GYTR hand guards, but my local dealer said they're not available yet.

I would like to ride it with the baffle (yes, you read that right) in around my neighborhood and to work (I can set up a cool trail to get there!), so my question is: has anyone actually gotten the bike to run decently with the stock baffle in it? Mine has a big hole right off of idle. I might be able to clean it up with the the pilot screw adjustment. Am I the only one who wants to ride with the baffle in on the way to the trails?

If that doesn't work, then I think I'll try one of the Thumper Racing or Stroker tips to see they'll keep the bike quiet for local riding. Does anyone have any info on their experience with one/both of them?

Yes, an FAQ would be cool. I've already done a bunch of searching but haven't found the info I was looking for.


Mike Thuleen

Boise, ID

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