blown engine case 05 wr450

hey a friend of mine in England has just bought an 05 WR450F with 200 miles on its back, he was just trying out the kick starter to make sure it kicked over alright, when as he kicked it over it gave a little cough and a chunk of the casing blew out right where the engine number is :D anyone else had a similar problem? :D

He bought it without starting it??

he started it using the electric start.

sure it's a yamaha that happened too? sounds like something that would happen to a Honda

maybe a pic of the damage done?

my 04 broke the engine case where the kick-starter shaft rides, behind the starter. after paying $1664. "new cases,seals,bearings,and labor" the guy at the shop, while reassembling saw that a spacer was missing off of the shaft. the bike had to came from the factory like this. I bought the bike from a guy that decided a wr450 was not bike for him, 285 miles on it. Since i bought it used i never even bothered contacting YAMAHA.

OK friend... This is not uncommon. Had the same thing happen to me on a 98 WR400. Cracked the crankcase and cover. CAUSE: On removal of the kick axle I noticed a spacer missing. This had caused the axle to sit too low and miss the guide. Therefore the kick axel did not return correctly. In turn this forced the seperate kick axel 'guide' to push out against the casing. Then... destruction.

Spoke with Yamaha. Was hoping to get some encouragement.Dissapointingly they started denying this could have been thier fault. (Hadn't even accused them etc). I did a lot of investigating and dscovered that this is not an uncommon problem. Even my local Yamaha dealer admitted to seeing 4 other customers have same problem.

THE FIX? I got the main casing welded by a specialist (aluminium welder). Got 2nd hand replacement cover and re-itted the guide with a heli coil.

A real pain in the ass and I really sympathise with you on this one. But look around for 2nd hand parts. It may take time but it will be worth it.

The lesson....? Yamaha love your money but don't care for your problems. That said I did purchase a new WR450 this year (only due to unmissable bargain).Traded in with the Yamaha dealer so it was poetic.

The WR is a beast and I love it but next time its gonna be a KTM.

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