Russel stainless braided lines. for 650l

Hi, Im looking at a set of Russel braided lines for my 04 650l and I was wondering if anyone who has them can tell me if they are the stock length and how happy are you with them? Theres an ebay auction for 89$ for front and rear new so just curious.



89 for both/ Thats an excellent deal. They are the best brake mod for the money!!

I used to take my hoses to a company here in CA, called C.I.R. (Cal. Industrial Rubber, in several cities) ... and have my stainless-wrapped hoses made up for VERY little money (tell them 'wink-wink' it will be for a hydraulic clutch, as they spook from the brake-liability issue) don't worry, they are as safe and flawless, and high-quality, as any others you can buy ... most every city has these type of hydraulic-hose-and-fittings shops ... look around and save BIG bucks ... :D

are the russel lines the same length as the stockers? Thanks!!

should be

Minimal improvement, but the front is still worth it.

I just got them on the bike yesterday and I can say it was the best money spent!!! No bsin' anyone, the bike will now lock the front wheel up and yes you can do stoppies. The rear brake I thought wasnt gonna improve much but think again. It is just like my motocross bike's brake now, firm pedal and when you wanna stop you will! I recommend anyone to buy these lines, they are great fit and good quality! Just my 2 cents.


told ya

The ones on EBay will rust up on you I know I bought them for my 94 XR650l they are junk. The person selling them does not have them on hand eather he orders them I took me 4 weeks to get them.Just giving you a heads up.

Well idk about the rusting yet... The lines are plastic coated but that doesnt mean bullet proof so we'll see on that one. They look like a decent line and I dont ride in the salt so that always helps. I got mine in two weeks time and I figured they were coming straight from Edelbrock.



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