650R Reliability

Hey Irondude,

I must say I wasn't too impressed after seeing the first pic but now I know more about it, I can it was designed to be functional. The later pics show how much time and effort has gone into it. I must confess to being a complete novice when it comes to touring like that, so info like this is always handy, in my naive state of la la land, I would have thought you just buy a new bike and hang racks on it for your stuff and go...ha ha ha.

I love my 650, after having 4 previous XR's and L's, but I generally leave them stock and learn to live with them, mostly due to financial constraints. I am sure you carefully considered many other bikes with a budget like that but I would have thought that other bikes may have been more suited. I'd really appreciate it if you could share some of your views on the other candidates.

Have you written anything up about your adventure? I reckon it'd be a fantastic read.


Mark (Aus)

Yes, let's hear about your adventure! The Irondude verson of "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" or "Motorcycle Diaries".

I thinks it's Bad A$$

:ride: Someone has tortured that BRP until it cannot be recognized.. Looks like someone on LSD got turned loose with plywood and bondo.. :applause:

Speaking of pumped-up horsepower, Bombardier makes a 650 engine with 50 hp, but it's efi. Can it be tuned for more power, without reliability problems?? Who would know? Can you squeeze it into a bike frame?

I am confused. On the pig pen it says that the pig has 48 rear wheel hp. Surely it would not take many mods to take it to 55 hp? Pumper carb, cam, piston, pipe, airbox etc or is are most of these mods just utilising existing hp? :applause:

Thanks. I'll remember you took the time to post that.

Don't get too upset about that Irondude. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I liked that bike. Lot of money poured into it.

:ride: Someone has tortured that BRP until it cannot be recognized.. Looks like someone on LSD got turned loose with plywood and bondo.. :applause:

You're nuts. That bike is sick.

my L model know looks & feels lighter :applause:

great work putting together that bike :ride:

There is a little bit of confussion here. There are two Horsepower ratings being thrown around.....One is Braking horsepower messured at the crank...(Bombardier makes a 650 engine with 50 hp, that should read 50bhp, the XR650R engine puts out 55bhp) the others are talking rear wheel horsepower messured with a dynamometer. The XR650R (uncorked and running it's best) puts out 44rwhp (24% difference then the 55bhp) The XR650R with the 11:1 HRC kit is about 62bhp or 51rwhp. My 680cc XR is 72bhp and 58rwhp. That "Bombardier makes a 650 engine with 50 hp" would be 40rwhp on the dyno.

The Irondude bike is a bike setup for the Paris to Dakar Rally and it take a bike setup like that to make it the almost 6000 miles! That is right a 6000 mile race. Putting that into consideration it's an awesome looking bike, not a woods bike but a bike built for a certain race.

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