accelerator pump Edelbrock

hi the accelerator pump screw on the Edelbrock touches the powerbomb portion of the header pipe on my FMF exhaust. the only way i can see to remedy this is to file the larger knurled part of screw to the diameter of the rest of the screw thus making it thinner, it should then just clear the top of the powerbomb section of the exhaust. as i have never opened the Edelbrock carb and dont have a schematic for it i need to know if it is possible to unscrew the AP all the way out in order to grind it.

has anyone else had this problem


Yes, I did the same exact thing.......... :D

This has been talked about before (FMF Power Bobm + Edelbrock). Some people have slightly indented the bomb portioon of the header where its making contact and FMF has said this will not make any difference in the performance of their header. You can also twist the Edelbrock so it's sitting slightly canted and it should still work fine. Filing the screw as you mentioned is another option.

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