Blown Engine?? Need help

Hi guys,

I just bought a WR450 '04 took her out for a spin and the decomp plug blew out. I noticed it immediately and stopped. I fixed that (checked the oil) and later went for another ride, after about 60 miles I heard a strange sound and then "pop" the engine shuts down. Now the kickstarter doesn´t move but the rear wheel isn´t stuck.

Any ideas what the problem might be??? And what I could do???

I have no idea, but hang around for a while and someone will come up with an answer........Indy, calling Indy.

Take the plastic plug off of the left side of your motor and you'll see a 17 mm nut on the end of the shaft. Put a socket wrench on there and see if you can turn the motor over.

If not, then something crashed.

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