Has anyone gotten insurance for your bike? I want to insure mine for at least fire and theft. Liability would be a good thing to have as well. I know mine and probably most home owners insurance policies won't cover dirt bikes and at the cost of these bikes today It would be wise to get a policy.


'00 WR 400




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Yes, I do have mine covered, for fire theft and liability. State Farm won't cover medical though. The rates are extremely cheap. (100 dollars a year).


00 WZ400

01 Yamaha Raptor

99 Kawasaki ZRX1100

99 Yamaha Warrior

Same here, State Farm for all three. Very cheap.

I pay $540 a year for full coverage w/250 ded. on my street legal 99'WR400 and a 00'katana 600 in CA.

USAA was going to insure theft then they asked if I race. I said yes. well then they couldn't cover it.

What the hell has racing got to do with covering a bike being stolen......

So now what........... :)

Try Dairyland insurance, 10% discount to AMA members. And 10% if you have a few years riding experence.

I have posted this in a few other threads, but I have not been able to purchase insurance in West Virginia for my bikes. Does anyone in WV have any info on insuring MX bikes?

who ever you have your car insurance through will cover you for your dirtbike the cheapest.

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