Spark Plug Wrench

Hey Everyone,

What tool are you guys using to change spark plugs with?

I have an '01 426, which did not come with a tool kit, and there is not a lot of room to get a ratchet and plug socket in there.

Would like something I could carry in a fanny pack.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


i would get one from the dealer. i dont know about your model but my 05 450 needs the one from yamaha. The frame gets in the way.

i paid about $14 for mine. a 14mm fits on the end for removal.


Make sure you get the one for your year of bike! Because My 02 wr426 wrench is different then my 04 yz450

Thanks guys.

I guess these are the ones out of the tool kits provided with the bike?


yea - but the local yamaha shop should have them in stock.

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